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18:52 GMT         Day 5 of 90, Season 52    

Victory for Dries Jochemsen

  After only 15 km of Aachen CB a big group of 12 riders left the peloton behind. The peloton never saw the break away group again, and the stage was to be terminated by the attackers. Several riders tried to attack from the peloton in order to catch up with the break away, but no one succeeded. 10 km before the finishing line, Dries Jochemsen (Team JebeDaiaS) and Martin Bergkvist (EkerSvarvarna) attacked from the break away group, and they managed to create a gap just big enough to settle the stage. The two riders sprinted ahead with the following group only 50 metres behind them. Dries Jochemsen could happily raise his hands after winning only a few inches infront of Martin Bergkvist. In the following group, Jean-Michel Verduijn (Jolly Wheels) took the lead in the sprint, which left him as third on the stage.
Dries Jochemsen didn't hide his happiness for winning the stage. I have dreamed of this for long. My result today proves that hard training is worth it, said the cheerful winner, who yet has no current plans for the next race to strike at.
The stage couldn't turn out any better than this. Dries Jochemsen did a perfect job today, said JebeDaiaS, manager of Team JebeDaiaS, after the race.

Aachen CB
Dries Jochemsen
Martin Bergkvist
Jean-Michel Verduijn