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10:56 GMT         Day 8 of 90, Season 50    

Edward Van Huffel's first victory: Gran Premio de Tucumán

  Gran Premio de Tucumán was exciting all the way through. Several riders tried their luck on the climbs, yet the stage were to be terminated by a leading group of climbers. Early on the climb, Edward Van Huffel (De Berten Boys) launched an attack, and he managed to get away alone. No one could match Edward Van Huffel's tempo, as he drove to the top without any threats. The rest of the climbers stayed together in a group, where Glauco Zanardi (CMS) secured his second place right in front of Rune Vad (CMS).
De Berten Boys's Edward Van Huffel was happy for the win. Today was me and my team's day. This win is not only important for me, but also for the team! said Edward Van Huffel.
De Berten Boys's manager, Ebert Houttekier, was satisfied after the result in Gran Premio de Tucumán. Edward Van Huffel did very well today. Everything turned out as we planned it, and Edward Van Huffel had the power to win, said the manager.

Gran Premio de Tucumán
Edward Van Huffel
Glauco Zanardi
Rune Vad