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16:09 GMT         Day 36 of 90, Season 49    

Klas Møller sees possibilities

  Klas Møller, None, and Koloda Tsyganova, TeamSchäfer, launched a two-man attack after 38 km of Storuman Hills. Both riders agreed on cooperating, which they succeeded in. 5 km before they reached the finishing line, they knew that they could do it (win), and they increased the speed even more. They kept the speed high until they reached the final km where they shook hands. Klas Møller launched the sprint, and managed to keep Koloda Tsyganova behind him all the way to the finishing line.
When the peloton arrived at the end of the stage, they still had the third place to fight for. Quinn Bistrup safely brought the third place to his team, The Champs.
None's Klas Møller was happy for the win. Today was me and my team's day. This win is not only important for me, but also for the team! said Klas Møller.
The manager of None was proud of his rider today. Klas Møller has been training and preparing himself for this race. It's an important victory - both for Klas Møller but also for the team.

Storuman Hills
Klas Møller
Koloda Tsyganova
Quinn Bistrup