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14:09 GMT         Day 34 of 90, Season 48    

Two in a row for Tikhon Rykov

  Tikhon Rykov was the fastest rider in the peloton when Whistler - Vancouver was coming to an end. Tikhon Rykov speeded up and managed to get several meters ahead of the competitors in the ordinary sprint. Behind him was Sal Dambrosio, Nefal, struggling with Lars Bjørndal from Jubalon ProCycling. Lars Bjørndal saw his competitor get across the finishing line only a few miliseconds before himself, while both of them could only watch while Tikhon Rykov raised his hands for the victory.
As we got close to the finishing line, I suddeny realized I had my chance today said a surprised winner. When the other sprinters launched the sprint, I just followed along, and I even managed pass them in the end.
The stage couldn't turn out any better than this. Tikhon Rykov did a perfect job today, said Jempie, manager of Comfius, after the race.

Whistler - Vancouver
Tikhon Rykov
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