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09:59 GMT         Day 63 of 90, Season 47    

Jakob Prpi? holds off Shane Ennis

  Ranger Cycling had a perfect day after controlling the race in Bouillon Climbs. The sprint was set perfectly for Jakob Prpi?, who just had to sprint along and win when his team mates launched the sprint. It was a close race between Shane Ennis from Wilks and Jakob Prpi?, though, Jakob Prpi?'s win was never really threatened.
I'm very happy for my win today. It means a lot to me, said Jakob Prpi? and continued: I couldn't have done this without my team. I can't thank them enough.
Ben Lafayette, manager of Ranger Cycling, was happy with the result: The whole team did well today. Everything turned out as we hoped, and luckily, Jakob Prpi? was the strongest rider out there today. The proud manager didn't hide that he was satisfied with Jakob Prpi?'s result. Jakob Prpi? did well. No one deserved the victory more than him. He put his focus on this stage long ago, and he kept his motivation high. I'm happy for him and the team, said Ben Lafayette.

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