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08:50 GMT         Day 24 of 90, Season 47    

Aleksander Hetland wins Rosenheim - Königsbrunn once again

  With lovely weather in Germany, all the riders were ready to do their best in Rosenheim - Königsbrunn - and som certainly did. Gerhard Dussel from Cyclists went away from the peloton after only 15 km.
The peloton kept the tempo high, and Gerhard Dussel slowly lost his lead. When the peloton reached him, after 15 2 km, Aleksander Hetland (Team WonderDee) and Keegan Pinson (Hog Bay CT) launched a counter attack. Gerhard Dussel's first attempt didn't stop him from joining the break away, which afterwards slowly increased the lead.
When 10 km of the stage were left, the three riders in the break away were quite sure to go all the way to the finishing line alone. Their thoughts later became doubts, as the peloton got closer and closer. On the final kilometre, the 3 riders could see the peloton behind them, as they gave everything they could.
Keegan Pinson launched an attack, which Gerhard Dussel easily countered despite his hard work on the stage. For Aleksander Hetland it was a littler harder to follow, but later he simply proved to be faking. Keegan Pinson couldn't follow the new tempo set by Aleksander Hetland, and neither could Gerhard Dussel. Aleksander Hetland safely sprinted to victory and raised his arms while crossing the finishing line. Behind him, about the length of two bikes away, Gerhard Dussel was slightly faster than Keegan Pinson, who seemed to have no more power left after trying to attack earlier.
Today's stage fit well for me - I simply had to try my luck. And see what happened?, said a smiling Aleksander Hetland. The winner had no other comments, he quickly went to the team bus in order to celebrate the win.
The manager of Team WonderDee was proud of his rider today. Aleksander Hetland has been training and preparing himself for this race. It's an important victory - both for Aleksander Hetland but also for the team.

Rosenheim - Königsbrunn
Aleksander Hetland
Gerhard Dussel
Keegan Pinson