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04:28 GMT         Day 90 of 90, Season 44    

Guust Hennekens's first stage win

  Guust Hennekens, drizzelies, and Mick Tuitert, Wenters Pro Cycling, launched a two-man attack after 21 km of Kitakata - Mount Koyo. Both riders agreed on cooperating, which they succeeded in. 5 km before they reached the finishing line, they knew that they could do it (win), and they increased the speed even more. They kept the speed high until they reached the final km where they shook hands. Guust Hennekens launched the sprint, and managed to keep Mick Tuitert behind him all the way to the finishing line.
When the peloton arrived at the end of the stage, they still had the third place to fight for. Chinonso Egwu safely brought the third place to his team, TeamWollister.
Guust Hennekens was happy for his efforts today. It was a tough day today, but with the result of it, it suddenly feels like nothing. I'm so happy I won today. I didn't expect it at all, said the pleased winner.
drizzelies's manager, Drizzel, was satisfied after the result in Kitakata - Mount Koyo. Guust Hennekens did very well today. Everything turned out as we planned it, and Guust Hennekens had the power to win, said the manager.

Kitakata - Mount Koyo
Guust Hennekens
Mick Tuitert
Chinonso Egwu