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08:54 GMT         Day 41 of 90, Season 63    

Gualtiero Verderosa swips victory

  Three riders attacked on the stage of Shege - Aral Sea after 62 km. The riders were good at cooperating until 15 km before the ending of the stage. Kyano Hummel from NJ procycling could not follow Alfred Pettersen (Skeel) and Gualtiero Verderosa (CARCYCL) who increased the speed. The two leading riders launched the sprint, which Gualtiero Verderosa had completely under control. Gualtiero Verderosa won the stage with Alfred Pettersen right behind him. Kyano Hummel, who couldn't keep the high tempo of the other two kept this third place.
Gualtiero Verderosa was happy for his efforts today. It was a tough day today, but with the result of it, it suddenly feels like nothing. I'm so happy I won today. I didn't expect it at all, said the pleased winner.
The stage couldn't turn out any better than this. Gualtiero Verderosa did a perfect job today, said JPOL, manager of CARCYCL, after the race.

Shege - Aral Sea
Gualtiero Verderosa
Alfred Pettersen
Kyano Hummel