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10:53 GMT         Day 41 of 90, Season 63    

Surprising victory of Jannick Dess

  The tough and steep time trial, Tortell√† ITT, was very exciting, as nothing was termined before the final riders finished. Dan Johannesen (Team EHG) set the best time when he finished the stage, while Solomone Vonomateiratu (TeamFlyingCows) came in only a few seconds slower. As everyone thought Dan Johannesen would win, the split times suddenly showed that one of the last 5 riders had the possibility of winning. Jannick Dess of Team EHG ended up beating Dan Johannesen with no more than 5 seconds, which insured him the stage win on the steep time trial.
Jannick Dess was happy for his victory in Tortellà ITT. I've trained a lot and aimed to win this race, and now suddenly it happened! said the satisfied winner.
The stage couldn't turn out any better than this. Jannick Dess did a perfect job today, said Emil, manager of Team EHG, after the race.

Tortellà ITT
Jannick Dess
Dan Johannesen
Solomone Vonomateiratu