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23:51 GMT         Day 64 of 90, Season 61    

Liam Zorge's first victory: Takaoka - Takaoka (ITT)

  Liam Zorge, Saunier Duval fans, was the fastest rider among the participants in the individual time trial race, Takaoka - Takaoka (ITT). Liam Zorge was incredible fast on the final kilometres, as he was only second at the last split time. Infront of him was Planet Bikes's Abraham Drews who became second overall on the stage. Another interesting name was Assamy BassolĂ© from Planet Bikes who started out with an incredible tempo, which he of course couldn't keep going. He lost many important seconds on the second part of the route, which moved him to the third place overall.
Saunier Duval fans's Liam Zorge didn't hide his joy when winning the Takaoka - Takaoka (ITT). It's incredible. I didn't expect this at all. I just wanted to try, I aimed for being 5th or 6th, but suddenly I was in the lead! said the happy winner.
The stage couldn't turn out any better than this. Liam Zorge did a perfect job today, said CoboRiccoPiepoli, manager of Saunier Duval fans, after the race.

Takaoka - Takaoka (ITT)
Liam Zorge
Abraham Drews
Assamy Bassolé