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02:28 GMT         Day 86 of 90, Season 59    

Jörn Gabel holds off Curtis Jones

  Three riders attacked on the stage of Brescia Mini after 41 km. The riders were good at cooperating until 15 km before the ending of the stage. Ramiro Galíndez from NetGear Cycling could not follow Curtis Jones (NetGear Cycling) and Jörn Gabel (Jericholics) who increased the speed. The two leading riders launched the sprint, which Jörn Gabel had completely under control. Jörn Gabel won the stage with Curtis Jones right behind him. Ramiro Galíndez, who couldn't keep the high tempo of the other two kept this third place.
Jörn Gabel didn't hide his happiness for winning the stage. I have dreamed of this for long. My result today proves that hard training is worth it, said the cheerful winner, who yet has no current plans for the next race to strike at.
Chris, manager of Jericholics, was happy with the result: The whole team did well today. Everything turned out as we hoped, and luckily, Jörn Gabel was the strongest rider out there today. The proud manager didn't hide that he was satisfied with Jörn Gabel's result. Jörn Gabel did well. No one deserved the victory more than him. He put his focus on this stage long ago, and he kept his motivation high. I'm happy for him and the team, said Chris.

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