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22:19 GMT         Day 77 of 90, Season 58    

Ferdinand Stan makes his dream come true

  Early on the stage, five optimistic riders attacked on the first climbs of Strade Ciottolo di Roma. They managed to keep a gap between them and the peloton until they reached the final climb. At the bottom of the climb, the group of favourites passed them. Rider by rider, they couldn't keep up with the tempo set by Tjust Pro Racing Team, who were supporting Verner Strid. Right behind the riders of Tjust Pro Racing Team was Ferdinand Stan and Eric De Graef lurking. Verner Strid looked strong, and seemed to have a good day, but when Eric De Graef launched an attack, only Ferdinand Stan could follow. Ferdinand Stan made a counter-attack and was suddenly alone in the front, as Verner Strid caught up Eric De Graef once again. Ferdinand Stan secured his victory without problems, while Verner Strid was faster in the sprint than Eric De Graef.
The climbs today were tough, but I felt good all day, said Ferdinand Stan after winning. I loved the ending of the stage. It was when I saw the ending of the route I knew that I could win. It was perfect for me.
The stage couldn't turn out any better than this. Ferdinand Stan did a perfect job today, said Jicky Nonkers, manager of NJ procycling, after the race.

Strade Ciottolo di Roma
Ferdinand Stan
Verner Strid
Eric De Graef