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The Alex's Late Show - Jonas
by Yuri, at 10/8-18 - 15:34 GMT

  Written by Buciu Alexandru of Fighting
  Hello, everybody! How are you? Today‚Äôs guest is one of the best in terms of first spots and money in the game and also, his riders have the most awards won. He is a true Danish and in love with tropical, underwater landscape. Please help me in welcoming the one that holds the name, but is not part of the band...Jonas from Jonas Pro Cycling!
  ALEX: Thank you for accepting my invitation! How are you?
  Jonas: Thank you for inviting me. I am fine thanks, having holliday in sunny Copenhagen now, so nice!
  ALEX: What made you sign up for OCM?
  Jonas: I was googling for Team Saxo webpage, and somehow I ended on OCM. My girlfriend just broke up with me some days earlier, so I was bored and signed up out of boredom.
  ALEX: Is Denmark your home country or you used it only for the game?
  Jonas: Yes Denmark is my home country.
  ALEX: Are you part of the Jonas Brothers band?
  Jonas: Haha no, I wish I was. But I used to play in a band in highschool.
  ALEX: Was making money your main objective for the game?
  Jonas: No never. My main objective was always to be number one in the rank. And secondly to beat sprint4live's amazing win streak of six consecutive first spots. Even though I am seriously beginning to doubt it will happen. Haha. Competition is getting too good.
  ALEX: You can do the same *smiles*. Is there a place in the world that you really want to visit?
  Jonas: That would be one of the great coral reefs. I never dived with anything but a snorkel, but I just love marine life and corals. If there is a coral reef on Maldives I would definitely want to visit.
  ALEX: Which is your favourite race IRL?
  Jonas: Gotta be the boring answer - Ronde van Vlaanderen
  ALEX: Who is your favourite cyclist IRL?
  Jonas: It might just be Marco Pantani. He had the magic and mystique that most modern day cyclists lack. And for the still active it is Alejandro Valverde. Yes he did dope, but his personality and riding style makes up for that fault times thousand.
  ALEX: Do you cycle IRL?
  Jonas: Only as transport haha. I would like to race bike, but I can't because of a foot

  ALEX: Who are your favourite rider, manager and race in OCM?
  Jonas: Favourite rider Farruco Alonso and Jerry Grundin (OCM's answer to Valverde and Contador)
  Favourite manager gotta mention a handful, now I got the chance. Haha. Felgens from Nefal and Michael from Celeste for beeing so calm and easygoing even when competing for topspots. They never complain, talks bad about other people nor brags about their achievements. I think modesty is a very underestimated quality.
  Alexander from Team Chile from being a standup guy. Don hamstre for being such a good admin and much more. And you of course for inviting me here! :D (ps don't worry hasn't forgotten to reserve Bazil for you)
  Favourite race. That's a tough one. Race I wan't to win the most is Roubaix Classic. But I haven't made it toppriority very often, because of my maingoal winning the rank. If Gale Reason could win it next season, at age 40 also solely taking home the Cobble Trouble Achievement, it would be absolutely undescribable!
  ALEX: Yes, take good care of Bazil , haha. If you could change something in your team, what would that thing be?
  Jonas: Swapping race mechanic with safety mechanic.
  ALEX: What is your goal for the game now?
  Jonas: Well it's still reaching seven consecutive topspots in the rank. A pretty long way to go I guess. Haha. The game might just die before I reach that goal.
  1) Christopher Froome or Tom Dumoulim?
  If you put Froome and Dumoulin on the same team, with the same helpers and the same staff, my pick is Tom Dumoulin. The Dutch rider has never had a very strong team and still managed to get second behind Froome and his superteam in Giro. Now in TDF where Froomes team is even better and Dumoulins team is worse, Tom D is ahead of Froome. I never liked Sky or Froome, and I hope there will come a salalry max so organisations like can't disrupt the cycling scene so much, as they have done. US Postal did the same thing. Destroyed the joy of watching cycling! I like the tours when they are more equal and more man against man. And not man against team. The most important factor in putting Tom D ahead of Froome, is Froomes fake personality. He reminds me of Matt Damons character in the Talented Mr Ripley. Whereas Tom D ha a great personality. Very likeable. Only minus is that he doesn't care so much about cycling history. But same goes for Froome. Bottom

line, there are not many rider I would put Froome above. Cycling is about romanticism, personality and style. Froome has neither. You can look at a rider like Thomas Voeckler. He is somheow similar to Froome with his awkward personlaity, even though he comes through as more honest and real. They share the same ugly ridingstyle. But Voeckler is very loved. It's because he is a antihero. If you put Voelcker on top of Sky with the biggest budget and he won TDF four times, with his ugly style and awkward personality, not many would like him anymore. I would have loved Froome and his personality as the antiheero that almost won TDF. But he is not suitable and will hopefully never be remembered as a great champion. Pretty please haha.
  2) Nairo Quintana or Daniel Martin?
  I would say Quintana, before Stelvio. But now Daniel Martin for sure. Nairo never akcknowledged that the Stelvio stage was neutralized. He just pretended it never happened. Bad characteristics. A true champion would have acknowledged that some riders stopped hunting him, because of neutralization.
  3) Richard Virenque or Marco Pantani?
  Those are two of the greatest you put up against each other. No Festina scandal can take away how great personality Virenque had. He was equitome of a rider. And he had the riding style to back it up. I have to go with Pantani though. He is just mythical. His way of riding, his mystical personality. He had it all. One of the greatest ever.
  4) Greg LeMonde or Bernard Hinault?
  I like them both, just saw the documentary about them. I think Hinault wins it. But I wasn't old enough when they rode, to know enough about them, to come up with a good explanation. But Hunault just seems very likeable when interviewed and he was a beast on the bike.
  5) Laurent Jalabert or Peter Sagan?
  This is a no-brainer. Jalabert of course. He had style, class and was a man of the world. Sagan might be worldchampion be he has neither style nor class. His bad jokes when interviewed, long hair fashion and skigoogle stunts makes me want to puke in my mouth. The thing he did with grabbing that podium girl on the ass... I can't even put words on how unworthy it was for a rider with the palamares like Sagan. He reminds me of a speedway rider. There is nothing cyclinglike over him. Besides his palamares unfortunaltely. Haha.
  Jonas, my friends! Thank you for coming to my show and good luck with your team! Thank you, everyone, for your attention and until next time, have fun!


CyclingClubChomutov at 12:21 11/8-2018

Fighting at 15:58 11/8-2018
  Thank you!

Holwerda Cycling at 22:08 12/8-2018
  Good reading!

V02maXXers at 22:15 13/8-2018
  Good stuff. Keep it up!

Indurain team at 23:49 13/8-2018
  good read;-)

Fighting at 06:04 14/8-2018
  Thanks :).

Flanders Fields at 23:52 14/8-2018
  Don't agree: Sagan best rider ever, he made me love cycling !
  Agree: I don't like Froome
  Still a good read though.

Australian Warlord at 02:18 15/8-2018
  Sagan is crass. If you like crass, you'll like Sagan. Personally, I agree with Jonas.
  I also don't like how he can deliberately cheat in races, and not get sanctioned for it. For instance, this year, Sagan took a 200-300 metre shortcut (on live TV) through the spectators across an open square on a corner, gaining position on over half the peloton, and not a word was said. This (from memory) was just days after another cyclist was forced onto the footpath because spectators were on the road, lost positions in the peloton, and was banned from the race for taking an unfair advantage.
  The sport clearly has two sets of rules.
  Anyway, enough rant from me. Good interview Jonas & Yuri.

DeRodeLantaarn at 00:53 16/8-2018
  Nice Interview!

Jonas Pro Cycling at 17:44 16/8-2018
  Flanders, Sagan might be the most talented and succesfull cyclist ever. But greatness is so much more than that ;)
  But I do understand why he made you love cycling, he is very entertaining to watch. But he lacks persona class.
  Good work Bucio!

Fighting at 17:57 16/8-2018
  Thanks! Mostly thanks to you, Jonas :).

mutants madrid at 13:22 18/8-2018
  Enjoyed the read.
  I was sometimes doubting whether people in here were following pro-cycling, some clearly do :)

Team Chili at 16:55 21/8-2018

Jonas Pro Cycling at 19:49 22/8-2018
  Yes I love watching pro cycling, until the day Team Sky succeeds in destroying it. ;)