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The Alex's Late Show - Andeby
by Yuri, at 20/6-18 - 18:31 GMT

  Written by Buciu Alexandru of Fighting
  Hello, everybody and welcome to The Late Show! It is a nice and sunny day and we have a new guest to learn from! His name is short and sharp, he claims he comes from Norway, but his passport says something else. You can find there Comoros, Turkey or even Australia! Please let me know in welcoming the one, the only, the man from everywhere...Donald of Andeby!
  ALEX: How are you?
  Donald: G’day mate. Im superb. Happy to be back in decent company. And by this i don’t mean u, but close to top div.
  ALEX: Have you travelled from Australia to be here or were you nearby?
  Donald: Honestly, i just wanted to feel smart, so I came to see you.
  ALEX: What made you sign up for OCM?
  Donald: Needed a new playingfield to be rude and sarcastic.
  ALEX: Why did you choose Andeby for your team’s name?
  Donald: It means Duckburg in Norwegian. Thus the name Donald.
  ALEX: Can you tell us what country are you from?
  Donald: If it wasnt obvious from the last question, I am Norwegian you dumbass.
  ALEX: *coughing* I know you had a few team flags in recent seasons and their pattern is not a linear one. Based on what criteria do you choose a country flag?
  Donalsd: I got thrown out. First to an almost abandoned African island Comoros. Then they shipped me to Turkey after some of my riders allegedly slept with the chief of Comoros’ wife. Allegedly. As for the stay in Turkey, they actually had low enough standards to not kick me out. I left on my own! So now Im here in Australia. The land of criminals. I feel at home here.
  ALEX: Do you thinks RL cycling can be better than it is now?
  Donald: Yes. The biggest

teams are killing it. Im talking about you Team Sky. Also, I still believe there is a way to go concerning doping. Not just in terms of the riders actually being clean, but also the organisations from not having less tolerance. Froome under investigation, yet still allowed to ride the Giro? Come on.
  ALEX: Do you think OCM can be better than it is now?
  Donald: Definetely. The community has contributed alot of great suggestions which I would love to see implemented. Especially my own suggestions that are obviously the best. That being said. Its a very slow-paced game, which is an integral part of it. So I would like to see changes and new features being implemented at a conservative but steady pace as well.
  ALEX: Who is your favourtie RL rider?
  Donald: Ironically, Contador. I know it doesnt make any sense with that other comment. I just love his offensive and spontanious mindset.
  ALEX: Was it your plan to make money or it just happened?
  Donald: I’m an economist. So not exactly planned, but it just makes sense to me. Playing economically provides a foundation for long-term improvement.
  ALEX: If you could change something from the history of your team, what would that thing be?
  Donald: I’d probably change that piss poor manager and buy Noppes’ riders at a non-beneficial price in unannounced deals.
  ALEX: Who is the best rider in OCM’s history according to your opinion?
  Donald: Yet to be seen.
  And now, for the game we will have Who’s best! I will tell you 5 pairs of riders and you have to say who is best out of each two and why.
  1) Andy Schleck or Frank Schleck?
  I mean, I dont really wanna choose any of them. They were extrmely defensive cyclists. Frank had that doping-thing. But then again, whatever Frank was doing, I cant imagine Andy not being guilty of the same. So

I think I actually need to go with Frank here, simply because of Andy’s lack of mental strength to fullfil his potential.
  2) Tony Martin or Bob Jungels?
  Jungels. I have a lot of respect for Martin. Great athlete, professional and just supersolid at his best. However, he also reminds me alot of the boring, predictable Sky-team. Im surprised he doesnt ride for them.
  3) Nayro Quintana or Vincenzo Nibali?
  Finally an easy one for me. The shark. He attacks uphill, downhill and when u dont expect. I also have extra respect for the most elegant and crazy downhillers. That being said, Nairo does try. But he’s just not capable. He’s not built for rapid speed-changes. Shame for us fans and viewers.
  4) Boasson Hagen or Alexander Kristoff?
  I love them both as a Norwegian patriot. While he may seem underachieving these days, I think thats just how far his talent could go. As for Eddy, he is nowhere near the rider he should have been. Many Norwegians blame Sky, but in truth it was obviously his own decision to stay with them for far too long. I must say though, Ive barely been more impressed with anyone as with Eddy in his breakthrough winning a stage in TdF on a BA, the day after he finished 2nd on another BA. What an absolute showcase of strength and determination. He lost that somewhere in that Sky-machinery.
  5) Philip Gilbert or Alejandro Valverde?
  I also love both of these. Fantastic riders with an extreme winning mentality. Im gonna go with Valverde though. Just cause he is so so strong at his age. Gotta admire these stubborn bastards that just dont give in and stay strong.
  Donald ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for accepting the invitation! All, let me know in the comments below what you liked most from the tonight’s show! Thank you for being here! See you next time!


Holwerda Cycling at 19:10 20/6-2018
  Great to see you got the soft side out of him :)

Fighting at 19:48 20/6-2018
  Haha, exclusive interview :)).

V02maXXers at 16:58 21/6-2018
  Nice one!

Jonas Pro Cycling at 18:32 21/6-2018
  Textbook opinions on RL Cycling!
  Anybody not agreeing on all these points should not call themself cycling fans! :D

USA Postal Services at 20:17 21/6-2018
  Good one, before the last question, a guy who is better than before his sanction???

Fighting at 20:55 21/6-2018
  Are you referring to Contador? just to identify the correct sentence :).

Jonas Pro Cycling at 21:09 21/6-2018
  Are you referring to Froome? Oh wait he won't be sanctioned, because Sky will drown UCI in lawyers.

Australian Warlord at 23:04 21/6-2018
  As you guys wish to talk about dopping, given Valverde's history, isn't there a big question mark over his performances this year given his age?

USA Postal Services at 02:07 22/6-2018
  Too much power for a 38 old (almost 39) rider... makes me suspicious about him, he was one of the Puerto guys, why not again?

Schiavi di Don at 10:57 22/6-2018
  'Was it your plan to make money or it just happened?'
  Andeby bank account: $0.
  Oh how the mighty have fallen

Jonas Pro Cycling at 17:35 22/6-2018
  Valverde is likely doped, as for the rest of the topguys. They just don't have the financial support, as Sky has, to get out of it without sanction.
  I love Valverde for his eprsonality and his riding style and dislike Froome for his personality and riding style. Doping has nothing to do with it. But it annoys me that Froome has better chances of dodging a sanction, because his team can afford more lawyers. It should be equal for all.

NightmareChaos at 19:01 22/6-2018
  I have wine, so I don't give a fuck. Later this night I'll add some porn to it

Fighting at 20:02 22/6-2018
  Have fun :)).

AnnoDomini at 22:40 23/6-2018
  For sure Andeby wont be able to afford any lawyers if his riders get caught now :-)

Team Chili at 07:58 25/6-2018