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Young Talent Wins Nederlandse Tour
by Nick Lissner, at 30/12-09 - 13:20 GMT

  Team WonderDee's youngster, the English Gerald Karda won Season 10's edition of the Nederlandse Tour infront of Danish Tune Lund from PCMGeeks. Karda won the opening prologue leaving him with the leader's jersey as well as the lead in the Youth Competition. Since the first finish, Karda was strongly challenged especially by another Dane - Jahn Rosenlund from the strongly upcoming Dutch Team Jochem.
  Jahn Rosenlund challenged Gerald Karda through no less than four podium finishes - three times second places and one win, which actually placed Rosenlund in the leader's jersey for a short while, until Team WonderDee managed to put the young Gerald Karda back in the lead with the win on Stage 5.
  Gerald Karda is one of the many promising upcoming riders. He started out in the Second Division tour Cymru Taith finishing 8th overall resulting in a 3rd place in

the Youth Competition and it was clear to many, that his results wouldn't stop here. Team WonderDee received an invitation to participate in Cymru Taith's big brother to the South-East, Essex Tour, and Karda was once again impressing his manager and fans as he won the Youth Competition.
  Coming to The Netherlands with lots of confidence, Gerald Karda was ready to take on the role as the team leader and used his incredible speed to win the short opening prologue and later on defend his lead by taking a stage victory in the fifth stage. Starting out in Season 9, Karda has had a massive break-through already in Season 10 and has become known for his fast finish. Experts predict a promising career for the young talent who from next season won't be able to take part in the Youth Competitions and will have to compete against the big shots until he becomes one himself.

  1. Gerald Karda, Team WonderDee
  2. Tune Lund, PCMGeeks - 18"
  3. Jahn Rosenlund, Team Jochem - 19"
  4. Clyde Pelham, Team Hurricanes - 22"
  5. Saša Kolar, Ahploeg - 26"
  6. Miron Golovina, G D RAPOSENSE - 32"
  7. Jelle Everts, ExploGen - 38"
  8. Teo Cabellero, Shinboners - 39"
  9. Nicolai Hermansen, JJL24SS - 40"
  10. Valentin Obrégon, G D RAPOSENSE - 40"


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